Reverse (2000)



1. E-nest
2. Reverse
3. Slavery On Line
4. Leftlovers And Crumbs
5. Bittersweet Penny
6. Bio-Trinity
7. Suffering Degree
8. My Sharona
9. Soul Shrinkage
10. Leech
11. Little Irwin
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line-up Reverse


Terence Holler: lead & backing vocals
Eugene Simone: guitars
Sean Henderson: keyboards & samplers
Martin Kyhn: bass
Dave Simeone: drums


All Songs written by ELDRITCH, except “My Sharona” written by The Knack

Produced by: Lou Stefanini
Mixed by: Lou Stefanini and Eldritch
Recorded at: New Sin Studios Loria (TV), Italy, in May 2000
Additional recordings at: Midi System Studios Firenze Italy by Luca Bechelli and Henderson Studios S.Vincenzo (LI) Italy between February and April 2000
Executive producer: Pat Scalabrino for Pick up records
Mastered by Luigi Stefanini at New Sin Studios

Photo Subject: Terence Holler
Cover concept: Eldritch & Alessandro Bracaloni
Graphical Artwork: Alessandro Bracaloni Inside Photo bt Maurizio (Maz) Maltoni