Livequake (2008)



1. In The House - In A Heartbeat (Intro)
2. Why
3. The Deep Sleep
4. Save Me
5. The Blackened Day
6. The World Apart
7. Reverse
8. Standing Still
9. Bless Me Now
10. The Child That Never Smiles
11. More Than Marylin
12. This Everlasting Mind Disease
13. Silent Flame
14. Toil Of Mine

1. Fall From Grace (Intro)
2. No Direction Home
3. Heretic Beholder
4. Scar
5. Bleed Mask Bleed
6. From Dusk Till Dawn
7. Nebula Surface
8. Ghoulish Gift
9. Lord Of An Empty Place
10. Incurably III

Livequake Concert (complete CD1 + CD 2)

1. Live in Chicago 2006 (Documentary)
2. Interview with Adriano Dal Canto
3. Interviwe With The Band At Terence's House
4. Videoclip: Lonesome Existence
5. Videoclip: Save Me
6. Videoclip: The Blackened Day
line-up Livequake


Terence Holler: Lead vocals
Eugene Simone: Lead & rhythm guitars
Rob “PEK” Proietti: Rhythm Guitars and Backing Vocals
John Crystal: Bass
Raffahell Dridge: Drums


Produced by Marco Ribecai and Eugene Simone
Executive Producer: Terence Holler
All songs written and arranged by Eugene Simone and Terence Holler (on CD 1) and by ELDRITCH (on CD 2), except CD 1 – Track 1 written by John Paul Murphy

Recorded by Marco Ribecai at the Music Street Live Club in Lugnano, Pisa, Italy on March 22nd, 2008
Additional sound engineering by Antonio Inserillo.
Mixed by Marco Ribecai and Eugene Simoneat Syncropain Products, Pisa, Italy

Guest musician: Oleg Smirnoff on keyboards on the second part of the show (CD 2)

Guitar Tech: Puccio Sterza
Lights by Matteo Amoroso
Live video recording and DVD editing directed by Mirco Andreis (
Camera operators: Mirco Andreis, Elisa Giorda, Cosimo Bruzzese,Angelo Stramaglia and Marzio Mirabella.
Addition live and backstage recordings by Alessandro “Mazza” Artigiani and ourselves

Cover design by Thomas Ewerhard
Photos by Raffaele Irdani, Rici Simon and Limb Schnoor

All songs published by Limb Music Publishing, except CD 1 – Track n°1, published by Chaos Music Publishing Ltd. /EMI Music Publishing Germany Gmbh Co. KG

℗ & © Limb Music Products, a label of Diversity Media GmbH, Germany, 2008